On Becoming a Finder

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Over the past few years, I have made a subtle, yet powerful shift in my thinking; instead of being a “seeker”, always looking for things, I have become a “finder”. This has opened me up to some of the deepest learning of my 49 years on this planet. So, with the idea of being a “finder” in mind, I logged onto my Diigo account and typed in tags such as “AHA”, “Powerful” and “WOW”. (My tagging skills are not fully developed, yet somehow in tune with my life as a finder.) The “finds” seemed to rest neatly in the “for administrator” category, so below are a few gems for administrators…or anyone interested in re-imagining learning in a time where it is no longer optional to do so. Enjoy!

Shift to the Future: Stephanie’s First Day of School in 2020
Shift to the Future: Tyler’s Loving School in 2016
The Principal Center – The best in professional practice for school leaders
Should We Shrink Wrap Our School Libraries? | Powerful Learning Practice
Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution
Tech Transformation: Teachers and Principals as Lead Learners
Connected Principals and its five Guiding Principles « 21k12
Technology Powered Meetings
Stop Meeting and Start Connecting and Sharing
The Four Negotiables of Student-Centered Learning

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I have been in education for 30 years. I spent the first nine years as a third and fourth grade teacher. The next 10 years were spent as a gifted specialist. From 2006-2016, I was the Instructional Technology Specialist for our district. Beginning in August 2016, I returned to the classroom where I plan learning experiences for my amazing students. Who's the lucky one here?
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